Rosdali is a scandinavian fashion & luxury brand founded by Melissa Rosdali in 2021.

Rosdali is divided in their Ready-to-wear line and their Haute Couture unique pieces.

Materials are primarily deadstock, produced in Denmark or in europe. Production and manufacturing is primarily done in Denmark and Europe as well, same goes for packaging.  

Rosdali is the daring mix of southern europe's trends together with the danish craft and timelessness. 

We are at Rosdali very concerned about FN`s 17 Global goals, we will do all in our power to give back to society and nature. We strive to create a better future together for everyone. 

Melissa Rosdali was born in Denmark (2001) to a family of a tailor, painter and IT expert. She grew up in a small and old habour town named Middelfart in the very middle of Denmark. Melissa quickly found her peace and talent in the creative universe: Dressmaking, Painting, Drawing, & anything else she could get her hands on.

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She saw the beauty in other welcoming cultures as she grew up that still inspires her today. 

While Melissa Rosdali was taking her Gymnasium degree (General upper secondary education) under a depressing social exclusion, she had the will and strength to draw, sew and take courses in Adobe everyday. She spent her savings attending the best danish fashion folk high school in 2020 and later started her fashion degree at VIA University College in 2021. 

She landed her first cover for the american magaizne Off Town in august 2021 before she began her study at VIA University college, featuring her iconic Jungle dress, which was later exhibitoned in Randers:


With her first Internship at the danish fashion designer and tailor Soeren Le Schmidt in 2022 at ss22/fw and later at the designers Milan and Barbora at OurShiftBrand she began her journey towards success in copenhagen. 

Melissa changed her birth name: Melissa Rosdahl Jacobsen, in 2021 simply because she wanted to become a true artist. Inspired by the Band Nickelback`s song: Rockstar she also cut her hair.  

“Because I am confident in who i am, because i believe in myself and the goals I set for myself. I am seen as intimidating, aggressive or competitive. I am neither. I want to uplift others. I know lifting up, inspiring and encouraging others doesn’t bring me down.” - Melissa Rosdali  2021


Melissa Rosdali, Founder and CEO at Rosdali.